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  • Because syndicated shows are allotted a fixed amount of time within which to run, this often results in long hours spent straight editing (i.e. removing scenes or speeding up playback) in order to make the content fit within the allotted time.  Doing this not only compromises the integrity of the content and the way it was originally intended to be shared, but it also results in the loss of any original closed captioning, which would need to be re-created.

  • Time tailoring is a time optimization service that provides automated, micro-editing of broadcast quality content (SD or HD), making it possible to:

  • Remove redundant frames automatically
  • Retain original closed captions
  • Shrink or expand video as needed to fill required time slots
  • Reduce runtime or trim content without deleting scenes
  • Remove unwanted ad slugs and insert new ad spots with greater ease
  • Tailor only targeted segments of the video while leaving other segments unchanged
  • Remove satellite delay
  • Best of all, time tailoring achieves all of this while maintaining the quality and synchronization of your content's visuals, audio and closed captions, whether in time expansion or time reduction mode.  It also allows you the flexibility to define how much time to add or remove from your video(s) and within the duration you specify.

  • As an industry leading standard for broadcast quality video time optimization, ttime tailoring has delivered proven results for movies, sitcoms, syndicated shows and live broadcasts.   The amount of time saved by using this system compared to a non-linear editing system is quite significant.   The time required to shorten a 30-minute long network program for syndicated TV can average 6 hours or more with an edit suite.  By contrast, our time tailoring services can re-time that same program in just a fraction of the time without losing any of the program's content.

  • Time tailoring digitally processes frame accurate optimization in real time (no pre-recording, pre-processing, video compression or compromising the integrity of the program). Any evidence of the customizations made are virtually undetectable by viewers.

  • USA Studios has stringent controls in place to ensure that you receive the highest quality at all times. From start to finish, your content goes through various channels and is thoroughly checked before it is finalized and submitted.

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