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    We work with expert professionals and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best quality audio description you can find. Our experienced writers and audio engineers have a keen understanding of the timing and visual components that will create the best mental image for your audience, paying careful attention to your content’s tone and style, and creating the most compatible audio output for your needs. Each step in the process is thoroughly reviewed and approved before advancing to the next stage, thus reinforcing our commitment to quality.


    USA Studios offers two great voicing options for your audio description needs:

    Professional Actors

    Many clients find the use of voiceover actors to be most effective in capturing the mood/emotion of their content. We have access to an incredible roster of reputable, trained actors who understand different styles of speech/communication and consistently produce the most professional voiceovers.

    Synthesized Speech

    We also offer synthesized speech, which are word-for-word vocals generated by our state-of-the-art machines using scripts from our professional description writers. Many clients find this option to be faster and more cost-effective.


    No reasonable deadline is unattainable to us.

    We are able to utilize all our in-house resources with optimal efficiency to meet your targets.


Upon receiving your video file and checking it for 508 compliance, one of our trained audio description writers will create a time-coded audio description script, fitting descriptions of plot-relevant information in the spaces between dialogue.  Once the script is completed and approved, one (or more) Narrators and Recordists will record the audio description in studio.  The unmixed files then go to one of our Mixers, who will edit and clean up the audio before exporting the final file.  One of our Technical PMs will then share the final file with the client.  One round of revisions is standard for both the script (if desired) as well as the recorded audio description.


    USA Studios offers rates that are affordable for any size project.

    Prices vary depending on factors such as program length, turnaround time and type of deliverables.

    Please contact us for a detailed quote for your next audio description project.

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