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There can be major differences in vocabulary, speech , pronunciation and intonation when dealing with different languages/dialects. To effectively communicate with people who speak a foreign language/dialect, it is necessary to understand not only what they speak, but also the significance of certain people, places, things or customs as understood by them. USA Studios takes these types of considerations very seriously. We have translators anchored in and around a number of Dutch-speaking countries who know the diverse history of the language and the people who speak it.


Standard Dutch is one of the official languages of the Netherlands, Belgium and the European Union. It was out of a West Germanic Lower Franconian dialect called Low German, but it also shares similarities with English and French as well. Often viewed as a cross between English and German, Dutch is considered as one of the easiest foreign languages for native English speakers to learn.

Dutch is commonly referred to as Nederlands, Netherlandic or Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands (ABN) which means "General Civilized Dutch". It is important not to confuse Dutch with Deutche as they are two different languages. The former is spoken by Dutch people while the latter is spoken by Germans.


Standard Dutch is used for public and official purposes including education in the schools and universities of Dutch speaking countries. The majority of film, music, books and other media utilizing the Dutch language, come from Netherlands and Belgium.

Dutch is spoken by nearly 30 million people as a first language and another 5 million as a second language. People who speak Dutch can be found in many countries, including:

NETHERLANDS - About 17 million Dutch speakers are found in the Netherlands alone.
BELGIUM (Flanders) - In Belgium, there are about 6 million Dutch (Flemish) speakers.
SURINAME - In Suriname, Dutch is the official language used in government business, media and education.
CANADA - There are 40,000 Dutch speakers in Canada, most of whom represent the older generations.
UNITED STATES - There are 4.5 million US Americans of Dutch descent. 140,000 of them speak Dutch.
INDONESIA - In Indonesia, Dutch is mainly spoken by the elder members of the population.
CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS (Dutch Caribbean) - St. Eustatius Saba & Bonaire
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES - Curacao, Aruba, Sint Maarten


One of the most challenging things about speaking Dutch is the pronunciation of certain words. This ease with which one is able to achieve this helps to reveal whether or not they are a true native speaker. The language is often characterized by long words and many consonants. In fact, the longest word in Dutch is over 30 letters long. In business, Dutch communication tends to be direct but informal.


In its written form, Dutch is very monocentric, having a single standard form across the board. However when used verbally, it takes on about 30 dialectal variations. Popular Dutch dialects include: Flemish, Hollandic, Brabantian and Limburghish.

In Belgium alone (mostly the Dutch-speaking northern region called Flanders), nearly 6 million people speak a version of Dutch that they call Flemish , which serves as one of the country’s 3 official languages. Their communication style tends to be more formal than people in the Netherlands.


We will handle the entire localization process for your Dutch to English or English to Dutch subtitling project, providing quality control from start to finish:

Transcription & Translation

After reviewing your file, we will assign your project to the best-qualified subtitle translator with the relevant expertise needed to translate your content.

The translator will create a time-coded transcript, which will serve as a master document/reference that can be used for translations to other languages of your choice should you need them. This is done for both English to Dutch and Dutch to English translations. Having a transcript is a major convenience for this very purpose. The transcript styles most commonly used are either Verbatim (word-for-word) or Readable (lightly edited).

The transcript styles most commonly used are either Verbatim (word-for-word) or Readable (lightly edited).


Once the transcript is prepared, our expert translators will localize your content into the required language/dialect for your specific needs and target audience(s).
In addition to localizing the subtitles or closed captions, USA Studios can also localize any graphics or on-screen text that comes with your content either from English to Dutch or from Dutch to English.


When the translation is finished, the subtitles will then be synchronized to the audio/video, undergoing multiple quality control checks to ensure accurate timing between the text and audio as well as optimal levels of overall quality of your project.

Depending on the regional Dutch or English language/dialect and font style used, the length of the translated text and subtitles may vary from the master script. However, rest assured that our subtitle translators take the necessary steps to ensure that your content is not only properly localized but fits within the allotted timeframe outlined by the time codes.




USA Studios offers the following services localized for American English and Dutch languages/dialects spoken around the world:

We provide multi-language subtitling/closed captioning for television programs, films, webcasts, podcasts, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, promo videos and many more.

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