Resource Conservation

USA Studios is committed to the environment & resource conservation, and to the practice of using resources such as water, energy, and raw materials efficiently and ethically.
Our premises have in place already: -

Responsible Waste Management

Responsible waste management falls into the hands of every person and company that generates waste. It means that waste is properly segregated and handled accordingly. Source reduction and reuse are the preferred methods of USA Studios, followed by recycling, energy recovery, and treatment and disposal.


USA Studios are pivotal advocates in the industry and advocates in encouraging sending and receiving of digital files.Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Advocacy can be a powerful way for companies to effect real change in environmental sustainability.

After the Tsunami of 2004, tape stock became scarce, USA Studios encouraged clients to allow us to recycle and reuse tape stock after cleaning and evaluating them.

Destinations were convinced to start accepting reusable drives in place of tapes, for long form and for tv commercials delivered to stations- USA Studios were pivotal in advocating for companies to send and receive digital files.

Reuse & Recycling

USA Studios is committed to reuse & recycling

Recycling means turning an item into raw materials which can be used again, usually for a completely new product. Reuse, in contrast, refers to using an object as it is without breaking it down. Reuse is preferred over recycling because recycling consumes more energy.

USA Studios continues to:

Responsible Consumption

USA Studios responsible consumption policy means using our resources and energy efficiently.Responsibility lies in the hands of everyone – manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Our Commitment to Emit less waste or emissions

Our commitment to Pollution Prevention