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Bahasa Indonesia became the official language of Indonesia in 1945 when the country gained independence from the Netherlands. It is a Malay language that developed from several other languages including Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. Over 30 million natives use Indonesian as their first language and another 150 million use it as a second language.

With a population of nearly 250 million, Indonesia has several ethnic groups, each with its own unique culture and language.


Most Indonesians consider themselves to be bilingual. It is standard practice for them to learn their native local language/dialect at a young age and then to learn Bahasa Indonesia during their school years. They typically use their regional languages in small/rural towns while using Bahasa Indonesia in large, urban areas.
Indonesian words have no tense, no plurality and are not marked as masculine or feminine. In almost all professional or formal settings, persons are addressed/referenced by their title, name or kindship instead of using pronouns. The differences in regional languages are particularly noticeable in pronunciation and vocabulary.
Domestic TV programs are presented in the country’s official language almost exclusively and foreign TV programs are localized with Indonesian subtitles.
One of the reasons Bahasa Indonesia was adopted as the official language of Indonesia was because it was seen as simpler and easier to learn compared to other regional languages. However, many people find it to be rigid and inadequate for expressing what they want to say especially since it uses less words than other regional dialects. As a result, Bahasa Indonesia is rarely used for casual communication with people often opting to particularize or tailor their speech to include the regional dialects that they are accustomed to.
It is very important to understand under what circumstances it is preferable to communicate either in Bahasa Indonesia or another regional language/dialect. Knowing this will make a big difference in truly connecting with the other person(s) in the conversation.
Outside of its home country, Bahasa Indonesia is spoken in the Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and the United States.


There are over 700 regional languages/dialects spoken in Indonesia. Listed below are the ones most actively used and where. USA Studios supports these and others as needed for your project:


(Eastern & Central Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan island)


(Western Java, Banten, Jakarta)


(Madura Island, Eastern Java, Surabaya, Malang, Kalimantan)


(Western Sumatra, Riau, Aceh, Jambi, Bengkulu, Jakarta)


(Bali, Lombok, Nusa Penida and parts of Java)


There are significant differences in vocabulary, speech, pronunciation and intonation when dealing with different dialects. To effectively translate to or from Indonesian, it is necessary to understand not only the language/dialect, but also the significance of certain people, places, things or customs as understood by the peopkle speaking it. We at USA Studios take these types of considerations very seriously. We have translators anchored in and around a number of Indonesian-speaking countries who understand the rich and diverse history of the language and the people who speak it.


We handle the entire localization process for your French to English or English to French subtitling project, providing quality control from start to finish:

Transcription & Translation

After reviewing your file, we will assign your project to the best-qualified subtitle translator with the relevant expertise needed to translate your content.

The translator will create a time-coded transcript, which will serve as a master document/reference that can be used for translations to other languages of your choice should you need them. This is done for both English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English translations. Having a transcript is a major convenience for this very purpose.

The transcript styles most commonly used are either Verbatim (word-for-word) or Readable (lightly edited).


Once the transcript is prepared, our expert translators will localize your content into the required language/dialect for your specific needs and target audience(s).
In addition to localizing the subtitles or closed captions, USA Studios can also localize any graphics or on-screen text that comes with your content either from English to Indonesian or from Indonesian to English.


When the translation is finished, the subtitles will then be synchronized to the audio/video, undergoing multiple quality control checks to ensure accurate timing between the text and audio as well as optimal levels of overall quality of your project.

Depending on the language/dialect and the font style used, the length of the translated text and subtitles may vary from the master script. However, rest assured that our subtitle translators take the necessary steps to ensure that your content is not only properly localized, but fits within the allotted timeframe outlined by the time codes.


And Many More!


USA Studios offers the following services localized for American English and various Indonesian dialects spoken around the world:

  • Video transcreation for target markets (tailoring content for cultural suitability)

  • Metadata reports

  • Transcription (with/without time codes)

  • Translation, Subtitling and Captioning

  • Standards Conversion

  • Compliance editing of content to station/web specifications and clearance worldwide

  • 100% Master Quality Control

  • Transcription for dubbing

  • Voiceover

  • Audio relay of splits, sub mixes or fully mixed foreign language soundtracks edited to master

  • Dubbing

We provide multi-language subtitling/captioning for television programs, films, webcasts, podcasts, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, promo videos and many more.

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