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  • Expert translators, multiple languages
  • Our translators are experts at Korean to English subtitling who will quickly and accurately produce subtitles in English from your original Korean audio or video file and deliver it in the format and style of your choice.
    We work with a talented pool of Korean linguists to give you the highest quality Korean audio/video translations and subtitles. They understand the regional differences in the Korean language as well as the correct context within which certain words/phrases are used. Our Korean language competencies include:

  • HANGUL (Korean alphabet)

  • HANJA (Chinese characters)

  • SEOUL (standard language of Republic of Korea, ROK)

  • MUNHWAŎ (standard language of Democratic ROK, DPRK)


  • GYEONGSANG (Dialect used in Southeastern Korea)

  • JEOLLA (Dialect used in Southwestern Korea)

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  • High quality service by humans
  • USA Studios is prepared to handle all of your English-to-Korean subtitling needs, including subtitle translation direct from video. If you prefer, we can also subtitle your content using your own available transcript/translation.

  • One of the biggest challenges when dealing with English to Korean translation is understanding context. At USA Studios, we have strict quality control measures in place to avoid errors that can lead to misinterpretations and disrupt the flow of what is being communicated.

  • Our experienced Korean translators are also skilled in dealing with other potential issues that can arise when dealing with abnormal scripts, texts/fonts or special characters. There are various styles of Korean subtitles that we can offer and we can advise you on the best options available to suit your content needs. We will handle your project with the attention to detail needed to achieve the most accurate and professional looking subtitles for your viewing audience.


From start to finish, USA Studios manages the entire localization process for your Korean subtitling project. Our team works cohesively to ensure quality control at each step:


USA Studios supports a wide range of file types/formats, including:

  • .SRT - SubRip Subtitle

  • CAP

  • .CPT.XML

  • .MCC - MacCaption

  • .QT.TXT - Quick Timed Text

  • .RT

  • .SMI - Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange

  • .STL - Spruce, EBU & DVD Studio Pro

  • .VTT - WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks)

  • SBV - SubViewer

  • .TXT - Avid DS Subtitle File

  • .TTML - Timed Text Markup Language

  • .DFXP - Distribution Format Exchange Profile


USA Studios offers the following services localized for American English and Korean dialects spoken around the world:

We provide multi-language subtitling/closed captioning for television programs, films, webcasts, podcasts, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, promo videos and many more.


Over the years, a number of Korean translators have come under fire for producing incorrectly translated subtitles for popular films. Most recently, Park Ji-hoon who subtitled the movie “Avengers” was highly criticized for mistranslating a number of key terms/phrases in the movie, leading would-be petitioners who saw the film to demand that Ji-hoon be fired and banned from producing subtitles in the future.

In another incident, a local Japanese broadcaster (Fuji TV), was forced to issue an apology following an interview with South Koreans who were quoted by the network with incorrectly translated subtitles implying that the South Koreans hated Japanese people.

As indicated by these events, miscommunication can be very frustrating, especially for those on the receiving end of the information being transmitted. USA Studios understands this - that’s why we have quality control measures in place and work only with highly skilled translators who will provide our clients with the most accurate, quality translation and subtitles for their content.

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