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Our experts will deliver the best solutions to satisfy your localization needs without burning your budget. Listed below are the various localization services we provide in over 80 languages. These services can be mixed and matched according to your specific project needs:


Localization (also called transcreation) is the process of tailoring or recreating domestic content in ways that will maximize its relevance or familiarity to foreign audiences. Its purpose is to remove any barriers that would otherwise impede the target audience’s understanding of your product, service or other information. Certain things that are acceptable in one country, might be frowned upon in another - such considerations need to be taken into account and addressed accordingly so that the content will function as if it were created precisely for those consuming it.


Using a reputable localization service provider like USA Studios ensures that your content is not only compliant and ready to be used, but it is also means that you will have high-quality adaptations of your content that can be easily delivered and re-purposed according to your needs.


Video Localization / Transcreation Process

Video localization/transcreation involves more than just translation. Depending on your content's purpose and message, there are several factors to consider and important decisions that must be made in order for the project to be successful in its target market(s) and cost-efficient to you.

When it comes to localization, it is highly recommended that you use a full service provider like USA Studios, rather than relying on just translators. Using a localization service tends to be more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Our team of experts possess the technical resources, knowledge, experience and appropriate skill set needed to complete the job right the first time.

We localize audio and video content based upon the country, language, customs and other relevant aspects of your project that are specific to your target audience. The primary considerations for successful localization/transcreation are 1) What is the content's message? and 2) How would it best be conveyed?

The localization experts at USA Studios look into these and other factors to make your video a hit with the foreign audience of your choice:.

Customization of video to individual network /
station/web specifications worldwide

Our experienced technical staff will prepare your existing program master for clearance and to match the requirements of any network/station, satellite, cable, or OTT broadcaster worldwide. We make any frame size and frame rate, compression, file format, audio mixes, closed captioning and metadata required for your deliverables with high quality and fast turnaround. State-of-the-art tools such as the Alchemist XF converter allow us to deliver the quality your content deserves.


100% Master Quality Control

We provide quality control evaluation of your program master using experienced technicians who know where to look for trouble spots. Only an evaluation by a human technician can catch not only technical issues but also the creative mistakes. Don't trust your program to automated processes that may catch microscopic discrepancies but miss the big problems that machines are unable to detect.


USA Studios creates transcriptions with or without time codes. Transcription is the process of creating a written or scripted version of your audio/video content. Once the transcript of your master content is created, it serves as a permanent resource that can be used for localization of your content in any of the 80-plus languages that we specialize in. Our expert native linguists will localize your transcript by paying attention not only to the local language (dialect), but other relevant factors such as the spelling or pronunciation of certain words or phrases used by that particular target market. If needed, your transcript can be re-purposed for subtitling, closed captioning, etc.

Transcription with time codes for video editing

USA Studios prepares transcripts with time codes (also called timestamps). With a time-coded transcript from us, producers and editors can make decisions about selects with much greater precision. We provide both an English and foreign language version of the transcript with the start and end time codes of each paragraph, or as desired. Our transcription services reduce the need to use overseas editing facilities, thus saving you time and money.

Transcription for subtitling

(if script is not available)

If you don’t already have a transcript for your subtitling project, we can prepare one for you. Our transcriptionists have the appropriate subject matter expertise, language and proofreading skills needed to successfully transcribe your content. They are well-versed in the local languages and dialects to produce translated transcripts that truly represent the original language.

Transcription for dubbing

Our dubbing transcription service ensures a final production aimed at each target audience, resulting in a naturally flowing speech that will fit the audience and medium being used. A dubbing transcript is prepared to account for the timing, tempo, tonal inflections, linguistic accuracy and other relevant attributes.These details are taken into consideration and communicated to the local (voice) actor(s)s who are hired to mimic the original actor(s). Our dubbing transcripts are timed in such a way that the delivery of the local and original actors are kept in sync while maintaining the length and context of the original content.

Translation & Subtitling/Captioning

We provide subtitles for content owners, broadcasters and distributors. Our subtitles are available in over 80 languages, localized, and can be made accessible in any file format as well as DVD or Blu-ray. Localization is crucial when it comes to translation and subtitling. USA Studios offers both services, paying special attention to the regional background and dialect of the target audience in order to provide the most accurate localization. Subtitles are normally limited to two lines of text with 42 characters per line in order to achieve a reasonable reading speed of about 155 words per minute.


Voiceover is another popular way of localizing content for worldwide appeal. The use of our diverse range of international voiceover talent affords you several viable options to choose from in order to capture the right effect or mood for your content. Choose from criteria such as talent type, age, voiceover style, language or accent. We have a wide variety of professionally trained voiceover actors who are ready to make your content sparkle with personality and help your content to be received well by your target audience. If there are any technical or formatting specifications that need to be met, we can handle that too. Once the voiceover is recorded and edited, we will deliver the audio files in the format of your choice (i.e. DVD, mp3, AIFF, WAV, etc.).


USA Studios provides both Off-camera narration and UN-style voiceovers: An Off-camera voiceover is the narration of a script by a person who is not shown on screen or video, but can be heard speaking in the background as the video plays. A UN-style voiceover is one where the original speaker can be heard at a low volume while the voiceover talent/actor speaks the translated text at a much higher volume simultaneously. This voiceover style is most commonly used for such things as interviews, news programs, educational videos and documentaries.

Closed Captioning

USA Studios can localize your closed captions for a specific language and can also add special features such as sound effects, music notes and advanced placement. We provide FCC-compliant closed captions that can be easily converted to any required format for distribution to the platform of your choice. We do roll-up and pop-on captioning for TV, Web, Blu-Ray and DVD. We also offer the option of embedding your captions to video.

Standards Conversion

Our TV standards conversions are accepted worldwide, guaranteed. We work with all video and file formats and possess the expertise to ensure that your content plays back with the highest quality anywhere in the world. State-of-the-art tools such as the Alchemist XF converter allow us to deliver the quality your content deserves.

Audio Relay

USA Studios provides audio relays of splits, sub mixes or fully mixed foreign language soundtracks edited to master. Do you have a program master that needs new audio tracks? Let us relay your finished audio mixes into your videotape or file-based program master, on time, to-spec and in perfect sync. Whether you need 5.1 surround, stereo or both; multiple language versions; or even sub mixes and split audio tracks, USA Studios gets the job done.


Dubbing (also called "language replacement") is a lip-sync technique that involves replacing the voice of the content’s original speaker with the voice of someone who speaks the target native language. The native language speaker basically mimics word-for-word what the original speaker is saying, the goal being to sync the translated dialogue with the actual lip movement of the actor(s) speaking the original language. Dubbing is most commonly used for film and TV content.

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