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    Our translators know the subtitling rules and apply them meticulously while keeping the tone of your original content’s dialect intact. We understand the importance of localization and relating to diverse audiences in a way that they can understand based on their cultural identity.

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  • Unlike an automated output, the entire subtitling process is handled by expert transcriptionists, translators and subtitle editors who understand the nuances in translation for the local audience. We have strict quality controls in place so you never have to second guess the quality, accuracy and integrity of our work.

our subtitling process

USA Studios works cohesively to ensure that your project is completed within the fastest possible timeframes while maintaining the highest accuracy. No project is too big or too small.

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“I compared other competitors for the subtitling service, some even cheaper, but USA Studios won us over with their attention to each country’s language local nuances, all the help and support. They are our go-to for translation and subtitling service.”

why use subtitle services?

“ Subtitles are used for a number of reasons. In most cases, it is necessary in order to share information or communicate with people who speak a different language. Breaking down language barriers in this way generates greater understanding and inclusion between the speaker and the audience, which in turn allows organizations to better connect with diverse markets.
Subtitles are commonly used for TV shows, corporate videos and foreign films but are very useful in other situations as outlined below.

What is the difference between
subtitles and closed captions?

Refers to on-screen text that is used to capture words that are being spoken in a film or video. Subtitles are usually displayed as 1-2 lines of yellow text.

Refers to on-screen text that captures spoken words as well as sounds and actions that are occurring on-screen. Closed captions are normally displayed as white text against a black background.

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