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Why Digitize Your Film?

USA Studios scans your film to full resolution RAW data files containing all of the fine detail and subtle color gradations recovered from your media. Our talented colorists color correct and transcode the RAW data to today’s ultra-high quality digital media formats, from 4K/UltraHD, to 2K/HD, down to proxy files. This allows for complete flexibility in your post-production process. We transfer your archival film content to the latest digital media formats required by television networks, video-on-demand streaming services and film production companies, including HDR (High Dynamic Range – brighter whites) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut – a broader color palette) as needed.

Our Film Scanning Capabilities and Equipment

We utilize the latest Cintel Scanner to create stunning HDR and SDR images for our clients. The Cintel brand is widely recognized as the industry leader in film scanning technology and is backed by a combined 100 years of engineering experience from Cintel, Rank Precision Industries and Blackmagic Design. The Blackmagic Cintel Film Scanner replaces older flying spot scanner technology with a modern LED light source to scan positive or negative 16mm and 35mm film into RAW data files with crisp, clear images, better color, more texture, and more detail. The final product is transcoded into the newest ultra-high-quality digital media formats, delivering the highest level of quality demanded by worldwide television networks and streaming services such as HULU, Netflix, Apple TV, and more!


USA Studios’ Blackmagic Cintel Scanner utilizes DaVinci Resolve Studio software to provide advanced color correction capabilities, adding debris removal, deflickering, spot patch repair using smart fill technology, and advanced temporal and spatial noise reduction. Use the same advanced technology employed by the world’s leading filmmakers and production companies on your next film-to-video project.



Users of optical film and magnetic tape media risk deterioration of their media, even when stored under optimal conditions. This deterioration due to binder hydrolysis, chemical breakdown, splice failure, stickyshed syndrome, mold/dust/debris contamination, shrinkage and vinegar syndrome all compromise the quality and usability of the your pristine content. With the life expectancy of analog media rapidly coming to an end, digitization is the smart choice for those who want to not only preserve their content but also want the ability to conveniently share their content with a wider audience via multi-platform distribution. The benefits of digitizing your content are well worth the investment:


Our experienced technical staff will prepare your existing program master for clearance and to match the requirements of any network/station, satellite, cable, or OTT broadcaster worldwide. We make any frame size and frame rate, compression, file format, audio mixes, closed captioning and metadata required for your deliverables with high quality and fast turnaround. State-of-the-art tools such as the Alchemist XF converter allow us to deliver the quality your content deserves.


Film Formats

Standard Definition

High Definition

Audio Playback

Archival Data Management

Post-Production and Distribution Services

USA Studios offers a full array of production services to meet your needs:

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